Studio Study : 2 hours

So on Saturday I watched Night in the City by Irwin Winkler, the same guy that did Sin City. These where my thoughts...
Beautiful shot in the incoming credits, following Robert De Niro's back of his feet. 
Lots of above head shots I liked, exspecially the one over his head at the ATM. 
Shot of reflection of women in the mirror, nice composition. (at 12 min)
Zooming into close up, nice fade into black.
REGIS FELDMAN is so young!

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  1. So if you want to watch a movie with some amazing photography check out Paris Texas. Obviously there are so many movies out there that one could recommend but when you talked about the intro shot with the credits it reminded me of this movie because of the opening shot, and all the others. The movie was made in 1984 by the director Wim Wenders. It is one that seems appropriate for you to see considering some of your ideas and the way you use light, frame shots, set scenes and use the body.