artwork on display

Even th0ugh it is far away, and it is not a gallery, my work will still be on display (and for sale), at Crunchy Granola Baby in Salem , Mass. at the far away date of June/July 2010

far to long

So it has been , far to long since I have posted something. This does in no way shape or form mean I have not been constantly creating art. I have graduated though and since then this is my list of pros and cons.
I will start with the cons first...
-I am broke.-
- I literally am a starving artist.-
- I am still in Bevery which is my
own fault.-
-A lot of friends have moved away.-
-Freedom of assignments is somewhat frustrating.
-I have no one getting on my butt about
time management but myself.-
-Its the real world now.-
- No more studio.-
- My apartment is not as forgiving
to art supplies as my studio was,
neither is cat hair in my printer.-

Now for some pros.
-I have been continuing my senior seminar project.-
- I just got a job as a photography assistant.-
- I just got a second job at the Picture People,
and I will have to suck it up and be happy its work.-
-I have a beautiful 3800 printer.-
-I still have a small community of fellow artists.-
-Theres still hope! -


new website

Finally I have a new website with up to date work. 
I will still have www.danishirtcliffstudio.com  for a little bit, but until i transfer everything the website is 


The Show

The final show turned out great. I have learned I work best under pressure. I have definetly decided I want to continue this body of work, until I feel completely satifisfied that it is finished. Right now graduation is on my mind a lot. I had my final review and learned you have to balance the bad ones out with the good. I am really excited about the upcoming auction this Saturday! I have never been. 
Good news! My dad is  buying my friend Jeremy's place in Gloucester, at least for the summer. I have never lived with my dad ever. Being this close to him should be interesting for creating a relationship that has yet to really happen. Luckily there is space for a small studio where I can hang some photos. Plus me and Scarlett get a futon there.


wolfgang tilman you better watch out, DANI IS HERE

i would say this one above is one of my favorites.

installation views in my studio

questionable ones.

dani tilman *a-ha-ha*


A thought , hopefully for food.

Its silly to say, and look at all the made up words and typos in these poems but ...
it does feel really self reliving to finally say (probably highly in the wrong words)

im glad i finally grew the balls to deal with a personal serious issue like this in my art. just for now, maybe not even tommarow or later on, but right now ? Yeah, right now I feel like the big kahuna ( in later generation terms like really cool )

from tuesday feb. 26 2008

and i infuse myself with questions unanswered, 
confused and dampered,
dar like the night, only revealing the light,
i seek revenge on myself, something i lack in this hard attack
 when i laugh at my last breath, you come back to heal me,
not quite like a panic attack,
but its so foggy outside, like a nausiating circus right,
rewinding the tape, realizing im falling back,
mistrusting the maturity i lacked,
and for once i can say, your right when i was wrong,
head ashamed as your moral bonds
hold it high cause you deserve the world,
but it upchucks me to hear
you replaced me with stupid girls
you went to end back to beginning 
something we both learned lacked dignity
so were both crying with peg legs
and you look so skinny
unbalanced, misplaced
but your eyes reveal the world
you shout out inside yourself,
sometime i craved to feel,
willing to open my wounds,
and when you held me i cried,
deep emotions never lied,
as your grip tightened i got frightened
never felt love, but then your sight went in
and i see now that your gone, 
we were suppose to start a family,
but its just a messy lawn, i have been cleaning for weeks
hoping you would help me, but i dont ask for guidance
on things i f*cked with, somehow your here,
ringing sweet lost love in my ear,
as my eyes bleed pain, wanting to cover my eyes
from the harsh rain, the thunder scars me,
as the monsoon sedates me,
i tried to uncover us in history,
just another un-destined mystery.

an old poem from feb 08

and when you die, 
look to the soul, 
you finally awakened,
selfishly taken
and spit your lungs out,
so i can waste them
i will save the scarlett heart
for last
so i can taste it
to suck on your morbidity
is but a luxury,
to think of all the living
you despise
on this roller coaster ride
and even yet 
to know i lack the things
which i can not comprehend
the sheer thought of you
bloodied, shrivilling hopelessly
makes me one of them.

contemplating study





Trying to show the camera an idea so abstract.


tension rising.

trying to let go of something immpossible.

the other

in the memory.
the camera caught
what i wasn't
ready to show.

The Closet Series

just another piece of clothing hanging in a closet, never worn;or too worn to show myself.

the camera snapping a shot when im not looking.

holy arms and lost legs
after dealing with my stubborn self i finally started to cooperate and open up, the photos followed.

time for my favorite color

comfort. blanket.

getting a grip.


due to sudden inspiration, this is how i spend my saturday nights. 

does my back really resemble a lamp? i guess it would be my spin, but i like the juxtaposition.


inspiration by a photo, result of serendipity.


holy holy heck. seminar is so close to the first show, being one that i am in and i have cold feet!!! very cold feet, and working like crazy this weekend. i think these shots are coming along best under pressure, which is unusual but also thankful serendipity.


Studio Shoot Page 4

Studio Shoot Page 3

Studio Shoot- Page 2

Studio Shoot

This took place in the beginning of the semester to before I ended up deciding to limit the subject of the photograph to just be a self portrait.

Experimental 2nd Contact Sheet

Experimental Contact Sheet

From beginning of semester that I ended up not using.

Senior Seminar

Since senior seminar is rapidly flying by the time has come to start thinking about how to set up our group show. To make this process more physical and visual without making huge prints of all my work, I have decided to make contact sheets of my whole seminar. Then I will cut them up on the paper cutter and decide what sequencing and selections to make with them all in front of me. On Thursday Ron and I are going to lay all my mini photos down and experiment to see which photographs work best and where on the wall.
The next few posts are the contact sheets.



So I just did a shoot inside, on this wonderful day. I shot in the kitchen and on the couch once again, so I could have extras to experiment with creating sequences of my photos. 
I really like the idea of having my images small for my show I think...  On my list of things to do today ( so i remember) 
Shoot for seminar.
Make contact sheets.
Experiment wtih sequences.


The Seventh Seal-1959

So I have only seen half of it but ...
I like the overlapping of images (chess set and sea)
Really nice long shots from up above
Use of shadows, thinking of part at confessional where shadow diagonal to side of his face. 
Background, foreground, middle ground seem to be very divided creative nice sense of depth.
Slight alteration. Like the  dramatic lighting
I would say this is runs more parallel to the feelings conveyed in my seminar.
Continuation of red series but I do not think it provokes the same/ or similar feelings..
I think I have come to the conclusion I feel most comfortable doing this in my own apartment.
Paying attention once again to composition, and simplicity within the background, and subject- by fragmenting body, making it work with lines and angles of background.

New Images

Each series of 2 seems to relate to each other.