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Studio Shoot Page 3

Studio Shoot- Page 2

Studio Shoot

This took place in the beginning of the semester to before I ended up deciding to limit the subject of the photograph to just be a self portrait.

Experimental 2nd Contact Sheet

Experimental Contact Sheet

From beginning of semester that I ended up not using.

Senior Seminar

Since senior seminar is rapidly flying by the time has come to start thinking about how to set up our group show. To make this process more physical and visual without making huge prints of all my work, I have decided to make contact sheets of my whole seminar. Then I will cut them up on the paper cutter and decide what sequencing and selections to make with them all in front of me. On Thursday Ron and I are going to lay all my mini photos down and experiment to see which photographs work best and where on the wall.
The next few posts are the contact sheets.



So I just did a shoot inside, on this wonderful day. I shot in the kitchen and on the couch once again, so I could have extras to experiment with creating sequences of my photos. 
I really like the idea of having my images small for my show I think...  On my list of things to do today ( so i remember) 
Shoot for seminar.
Make contact sheets.
Experiment wtih sequences.


The Seventh Seal-1959

So I have only seen half of it but ...
I like the overlapping of images (chess set and sea)
Really nice long shots from up above
Use of shadows, thinking of part at confessional where shadow diagonal to side of his face. 
Background, foreground, middle ground seem to be very divided creative nice sense of depth.
Slight alteration. Like the  dramatic lighting
I would say this is runs more parallel to the feelings conveyed in my seminar.
Continuation of red series but I do not think it provokes the same/ or similar feelings..
I think I have come to the conclusion I feel most comfortable doing this in my own apartment.
Paying attention once again to composition, and simplicity within the background, and subject- by fragmenting body, making it work with lines and angles of background.

New Images

Each series of 2 seems to relate to each other.