I never knew I was double jointed!
The lines seem to work more in this one, the bottom of the toliet connecting to the chin, etc.
I can not decide on the next three which one works best.
I think this one has the strongest composition

Senior Seminar

Senior Seminar

Some new black and whites.

Senior Seminar

One of my personal favorites.
I am experimenting with the color red in them.

Senior Seminar

This is the most recent.

Senior Seminar

This is a series from my ongoing senior seminar project. 


Studio Study: 1 hour and Editing: 2 hours

So I downloaded, made Contact sheets, and editing my photographs. Made about 6 I actually liked, and felt they were a lot more cinematic then my previous series in seminar. I started doing my editing at first within the raw window to convert it to black and white instead of what I have previously been doing with this series, converting it in calculations. There is less destruction this way. 

Then I went to Border's and picked up a 1920's- 1930's experimental film DVD with Man Ray and Duchamp on it. I watched H2O...
good balance of black and white
film leading more into abstractions nice
speed and timing key
Due to this reprint of this DVD compulation the music was awful and then I found out it was made in 2005 years and years after H2O came out. I was a little mad.

Studio Shoot: Sunday: 3 hours

On Sunday I shot in the studio at school with two hot lights, since I did not have a safe sync (which I really need to get). I used some props already in the studio; silver buckets, white cloth, and black reflective paper. I think by using costuming, exspecially dresses something I am very uncomfertable in , the clothes increase my vulnerabilty. I played around with lighting a lot and use of shadows. I tried to work on composition, focusing on a lamp turned off about my height and then would go and stand there. Like I remember someone saying, I am going to have a lot of photos for my seminar but their are only so many good ones with every shoot. I am trying to pay attention to my own perception of my standards within my own photography.

Studio Study : 2 hours

So on Saturday I watched Night in the City by Irwin Winkler, the same guy that did Sin City. These where my thoughts...
Beautiful shot in the incoming credits, following Robert De Niro's back of his feet. 
Lots of above head shots I liked, exspecially the one over his head at the ATM. 
Shot of reflection of women in the mirror, nice composition. (at 12 min)
Zooming into close up, nice fade into black.
REGIS FELDMAN is so young!


Studio Shoot

So Thursday Scarlett and I went to the studio and shot for our advertising indepdent studio. We played with lighting, and constructed scenes. In the end we produced a shoot of me for a retro vaccum add in a crazy 70s green dress. I shot Scarlett with a 70s era see through phone. We still need to figure out what associated text we will use for the advertisement, along with font size, color, position, etc without ruining the compositions. We tried to do a fake tan ad as well, covered ourself in orange fake tanner but then my memory card was full. It pays to be prepared I guess. The real challenge for us is changing the comfort role as photographer and becoming the subjects for one another.