Paying attention once again to composition, and simplicity within the background, and subject- by fragmenting body, making it work with lines and angles of background.

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  1. Hi Dani,

    I like all of the new photos and agree that the red cup does not function in the same manner as the red couch. The austerity of the composition and frame works really well. However I wonder about the contrast. For example in this photo would a dress/outfit of lighter value accentuate the legs and arm and contours of the body against the dark value of the door/background? I suspect the answer might be based on what aspect are you most interested in accentuating. In this photo I really like the softness of the hair falling/flowing in the foreground (which would be more set off by a lighter valued dress) playing against the harder, more rigid arm and legs and then the coup de gråce the tattoo!

    So how is the dorm documenting coming? Keep me posted. And have a great weekend!

    rOn d