artwork on display

Even th0ugh it is far away, and it is not a gallery, my work will still be on display (and for sale), at Crunchy Granola Baby in Salem , Mass. at the far away date of June/July 2010

far to long

So it has been , far to long since I have posted something. This does in no way shape or form mean I have not been constantly creating art. I have graduated though and since then this is my list of pros and cons.
I will start with the cons first...
-I am broke.-
- I literally am a starving artist.-
- I am still in Bevery which is my
own fault.-
-A lot of friends have moved away.-
-Freedom of assignments is somewhat frustrating.
-I have no one getting on my butt about
time management but myself.-
-Its the real world now.-
- No more studio.-
- My apartment is not as forgiving
to art supplies as my studio was,
neither is cat hair in my printer.-

Now for some pros.
-I have been continuing my senior seminar project.-
- I just got a job as a photography assistant.-
- I just got a second job at the Picture People,
and I will have to suck it up and be happy its work.-
-I have a beautiful 3800 printer.-
-I still have a small community of fellow artists.-
-Theres still hope! -


new website

Finally I have a new website with up to date work. 
I will still have www.danishirtcliffstudio.com  for a little bit, but until i transfer everything the website is 


The Show

The final show turned out great. I have learned I work best under pressure. I have definetly decided I want to continue this body of work, until I feel completely satifisfied that it is finished. Right now graduation is on my mind a lot. I had my final review and learned you have to balance the bad ones out with the good. I am really excited about the upcoming auction this Saturday! I have never been. 
Good news! My dad is  buying my friend Jeremy's place in Gloucester, at least for the summer. I have never lived with my dad ever. Being this close to him should be interesting for creating a relationship that has yet to really happen. Luckily there is space for a small studio where I can hang some photos. Plus me and Scarlett get a futon there.


wolfgang tilman you better watch out, DANI IS HERE

i would say this one above is one of my favorites.

installation views in my studio

questionable ones.

dani tilman *a-ha-ha*