Studio Study: 1 hour and Editing: 2 hours

So I downloaded, made Contact sheets, and editing my photographs. Made about 6 I actually liked, and felt they were a lot more cinematic then my previous series in seminar. I started doing my editing at first within the raw window to convert it to black and white instead of what I have previously been doing with this series, converting it in calculations. There is less destruction this way. 

Then I went to Border's and picked up a 1920's- 1930's experimental film DVD with Man Ray and Duchamp on it. I watched H2O...
good balance of black and white
film leading more into abstractions nice
speed and timing key
Due to this reprint of this DVD compulation the music was awful and then I found out it was made in 2005 years and years after H2O came out. I was a little mad.

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