tension rising.

trying to let go of something immpossible.

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  1. Some amazing new work. I like all of the new images but this one, the lamp shot and a couple of the closet ones where the elbow is showing and the one with just the legs and foot are all very strong and work with many of the things we have been talking about. The poems also add to the tension that is already present within the structure of the images themselves. Do you see using the poems in the show? It could be another level on which to communicate but integration would be key. You don't want to distract with text or be too didactic. So are we ready to start printing? Did you do any layout arrangements to see how they work with one another? We are meeting today right?

    Dani, your engagement with this project and willingness to deal with the content is quite remarkable! See you later today,

    rOn d